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Into The Skinny: Hudson Jeans For Women

Denim Vests For Women Hudson Jeans has been at the forefront of jeans that make women look and feel sexy and their fall and winter 2009 collection continues the tradition. Here is a look at some of the best jeans Hudson has to offer for women this season.

Starting with the petite side, the new skinny has a button fly and solid look all the way down the 32 inch inseam. The waist hugs your hips but the look is great for a very dark pair of jeans that doesn't look like denim. For something flirtier they also have a petite variety with laces up the back you can arrange any way you want.

The Maddox five-pocket skinny looks more like a classic fit pair of jeans for petite women and will look great with anything you throw at it. The Carly is a straight-leg with a longer inseam that will go with just about anything and includes all-black denim and completely white varieties.

You will love their boot cut jeans with a slightly longer inseam for boots or for wrapping around your feet. Form fitting in other areas, these jeans look the part for a night out. The cuffed skinny does the same thing the boot cuts do without the boots. The stylized rear pockets add a bit of pizzazz to the jeans and set them apart from the others.

Hudson has denim vests and jackets that go with the jeans that will accentuate your figure if you so desire. Jean jackets are perfect for layering and are designed to complement Hudson jeans perfectly. Jewelry and purses should be easy enough to match as with all jeans.

The collection overall is very nice except that Hudson is tailored to a very narrow range of body types. More than half their jeans are for shorter women with a 32 inch inseam but the styles they have are huge sellers and will do well flying off the shelves. Hudson will look stylish and fashionable if you can fit into them. All of their styles are made to accentuate areas from your waist down to your knee and fit tightly along those lines.

Current models of Hudson jeans will run you around $150 to $170 bucks and are worth the price if you can achieve the look. You wont' have any problem getting looks in these jeans when you wear them for a night out or even just running errands around town.

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